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Data Science

Created by Wren Pollardfrom the Noun Project

Data Integration

This process aids to merge data from diverse sources to create a unified and consistent view, which can often be found in processes like file transfer, database replication, and APIs that occur in batch or real-time modes. 

Created by Capativ Designfrom Noun Project

Data Analytics

Saratix employs data analytics to interpret, examine, and draw insights from data sets by utilizing algorithms to extract actionable insights from large and complex data sets. This solutions enables informed decisions to be made through pattern identification. 

Created by kholifahfrom Noun Project

Data Processing

With data processing, it is capable of extracting data insights while involving sophisticated steps to manage it. It aids in trend identification and pattern discovery which are crucial when it comes to decision making processes. 


Created by Nur Litafrom Noun Project

Data Governance and Management

Saratix has built a robust framework for data governance which employs policies for owned data assets. Concurrently, data management handles the technical and operational aspects of acquiring, organizing, and utilizing data to meet organizational needs. Together, both techniques are vital for protecting sensitive information and leveraging data insights for strategic decision-making.

Created by Muhammad Arslanfrom Noun Project

Data Architecture

Data architecture involves designing and structuring an organization’s data assets, including models and protocols for data management. It acts as a blueprint for data flows within the organization, guiding the development of data management systems. 

Artificial Intelligence

Created by Palash Jainfrom Noun Project

Build Models

When it comes to model building, we employ a systematic process that combines algorithms, data and computational power to create intelligent systems. The process is an interactive and ongoing process as the intelligent system learn, adapt and improve based on feedback and changing requirements. 

Created by New Riverfrom Noun Project

Validate Models

A validation process is well required to ensure the consistent performance of the newly trained AI model. It will undergo  an evaluation based on it’s  accuracy, F1-score and precision which will progress to model tuning. Adjustments would be made to optimize it’s performance.                                    

Created by Khulqi Rosyidfrom the Noun Project

Deploy Models

For the final step, the new model shall be deployed and implemented in real-world applications to perform it’s use. As new data arises, the AI model will be continuously updated through retraining periodically with new data.


Created by Mohamad Arif Prasetyofrom the Noun Project

Database Protection

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a database, an implementation of security measures are necessary, which involves the combination of technical, administrative and physical controls to protect against any security threats. 

Created by firufiati98from the Noun Project

Data Validation

Data Validation is a critical solution for ensuring the accuracy, integrity and reliability of data within databases and other data storage systems. It involves implementing processes and techniques to verify the quality and validity of data before it is entered into a system or used for analysis and decision-making purposes.

Created by Ali Nur Rohmanfrom Noun Project

Authorization and Authentication

Authorization and authentication are two fundamental concepts in cybersecurity that play a crucial role in controlling access to systems, networks, and sensitive information. While they are related, they serve different purposes in ensuring the security and integrity of digital resources, where authentication ensures the identity of the user requesting for access, while authorization is the process of granting or denying access rights and privileges to authenticated users. 

024 - Data IntegrityCreated by Juicy Fishfrom the Noun Project

Data Integrity

Data integrity in cybersecurity refers to the assurance that data remains accurate, complete and unaltered throughout its lifecycle. This technique is crucial for maintaining the trustworthiness and reliability of information within systems and databases. 

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