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A complete list of Data Science and AI Services to provide opportunities and ensure success of your initiative.

Cloud Integration

Saratix’s Cloud Integration connects different applications, systems, or services located in the cloud to enable seamless data exchange and functionality. It involves integrating cloud-based resources with existing on-premises or cloud-based systems to create a unified and interconnected environment.

Cloud integration allows organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining the interoperability of their existing infrastructure. It enables data sharing, communication, and collaboration between diverse applications and services, regardless of their location or underlying technology.

There are several key aspects and approaches to cloud integration which include Data Integration, Application Integration, APIs and Web Services, Hybrid Integration and Platforms Integration.

Benefits of Cloud Integration: Scalability, Flexibility, Cost-Effectiveness, Improved Collaboration, Agility and Innovation.

Data Lake

Saratix’s Data Lake is a centralized repository that allows your business to store large amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It is designed to store raw data in its native format, without the need for upfront structuring or architecture requirements.

Saratix Data Lakes are capable of storing diverse data types, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. They can handle data from various sources, such as databases, social media, IoT devices, clickstreams, and more. This versatility enables organizations to ingest and process a wide range of data for various analytics and insights.

Some key characteristics and components Saratix’s Data Lake: Scalable Storage, Data Variety and Heterogeneity, Data Governance and Security, Data Processing and Data Analytics:

Benefits of Saratix Data Lake: Data Centralization and Accessibility, Flexibility and Agility, Scalability and Cost Efficiency, Advanced Analytics and Insights, Innovation and Data Monetization.

Data Warehouse

Saratix’s Data Warehouse is a centralized repository that stores large volumes of structured and historical data from various sources within an organization. It is designed to support business intelligence (BI), reporting, and data analysis activities. Saratix’s Data Warehouses are optimized for querying and analysis, providing a consolidated view of data for decision-making purposes.

Some key characteristics and components of Saratix’s Data Warehouse include Data Consolidation, Schema and Structure, Historical and Time-variant Data, Data Transformation and Cleansing and Optimized Query Performance.

Benefits of Saratix’s Data Warehouses: Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Consistency and Integration, Advanced Analytics and Data Mining, Historical Analysis and Trend Identification, Operational Performance Optimization, Regulatory Compliance and Auditing.

Database Management

Saratix is an expert and industry leader in Database management. Saratix’s Database Management services ensures your business is in control of activities and processes involved in the administration, organization, and maintenance of databases within an organization. It encompasses the tasks of creating, configuring, securing, monitoring, and optimizing databases to ensure data integrity, availability, and performance.

Here are some key aspects and activities of database management:

  1. Database Design
  2. Data Modelling
  3. Database Creation and Configuration
  4. Data Security and Access Control
  5. Data Storage and Optimization
  6. Data Backup and Recovery
  7. Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning
  8. Database Maintenance and Upgrades
  9. Data Integration and ETL (Extract, Transform & Load)
  10. Database Documentation and Metadata Management

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your business with data integration and AI services.


efficiently with machine learning and data analytics.


and go forward with better decision making.

A.I. Process Risk Profiling & Assessment

Saratix will study and understand your business process to provide an extensive risk profile and assessment with your data. Saratix will create an A.I. model on predictive and prescriptive analytics on major process drivers for long term solutions.

Saratix identifies significant key gaps in your business and provide detailed improvements for seamless business operations.

Process Flow Transformation

Saratix understands that for any given business, there are many moving parts which will have different impacts on the business. With Saratix’s artificial intelligence, business will see an increase in efficiency and decrease overall business flow duration.

Saratix ensures a lean and efficient operation for any business.

Visual to Text - Structured Database

Saratix helps to reduce unnecessary man power in terms of data entry. Saratix has the capability to capture and extract key data requirements in visual content,  formatted into structured database. 

This enables for pre and post data processing for Saratix A.I modeling and analytics.

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