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Unleash the secret weapon of AI And Deep Learning in fashion

Saratix’s current A4 technology is powered by Custlr’s Artificial Intelligence.

Optimizing efficient Data analytics Powered by Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your business

Numbers speak for themselves:


And Counting ….

A4 Analytics and Plug-In

SARATIX’s current technology is able to accurately measure any one persons’ body size in less than 1 minute with an A4 paper to fit according to your brand 

Decrease Refund Rates

Get accurate body measurements and fit accordingly to your brand size to reduce refunds due to incorrect fitting. Seamless and automatic plug-in with online brands and e-commerce platforms.
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Increase Conversion

Analytics and recommendations based on user shopping behavior to increase usability and ease process to checkout.

2. Conversion Rate

Repeat Business

Increase customer’s confidence with sizing recommendation upon successful first time purchase.

3. Repeat Business

Efficient Inventory

Understand common designs, colors, and sizing based on geographical and demo-graphical analytics. Accurate user body profiling enables for inventory checkout to reduce SKU and increase cash flow.

Detailed Analysis (Platinum users only)

Artificial intelligence with deep learning analysis to recommend and suggest ways for optimization to business growth. Correlated and utilized alongside heatmap signature.