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Organise all your data in one platform.

Enhance Data Analytics and Visualise

Work Smarter and Faster with Automated Decision Making

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Eliminate errors and enhance accuracy.

Data Integration →
Improve efficiency and productivity by having all your data in one place.

Enhance Data Analytics →
Implement efficient analytics to accelerate your time to insights and respond to changing business environment

AI Services→
Perform predictive analytics , validate business concepts and competitive services by analyzing and anticipating customer behavior.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) →
Unlock rich audience insights that will help you react to any business changes as quickly as possible.

Computer Vision & OCR →
Process images, videos and documents to automate data tasks and ensure flawless data management processes.


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Database integration in a system involves combining multiple databases or database systems into a unified system that can be accessed and queried as a single entity.  This can be achieved through different methods, including: Data Warehousing, Enterprise Application Integration, Database Replication and others.

Database Integration improves data accessibility, eliminates data redundancies and ensures data consistency. This results in improve efficiency, increase productivity and better decision-making.

Data Integration
Data Operate


Deploy Saratix or third-party models into production involving multiple pipelines and purpose built models. Our AI services includes Data Processing, AI Model Building, AI Model Evaluation and Validation.

Utilise enhanced AI powered services and Big Data Analytics to ensure all key evaluation metrics are tracked and model accuracy verified. Saratix’s Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics acts as an enabler to your business.


Create and go forward with GenerativeAI. Improve business decisions, automate and customise models, monitor and measure ROI.

Saratix AI services creates opportunity on cost saving, enhancing customer experience and providing a competitive advantage.

Data Innovation

Take AI from Vision to value

See how a value-driven approach to AI services can accelerate time to impact.

Our Mission is to Bring the Power of AI to Every Business

We are a Malaysia data integration and analytics firm delivering AI-powered solutions to businesses who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value. 

SARATIX A.I. Powered Platform

A full AI lifecycle platform with broad ecosystem interoperability and a world-class team of AI experts to ensure the success of your initiatives every step of the way

AI Platform


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